8 Telecom Egypt Data Centers

Company project


Telecom Egypt or We is an Egyptian joint stock company specialized in the field of communications and information technology, and it is the first integrated telecom operator in Egypt.

DT has the function of protecting those 8 Data Centers using the HI-FOG® Water Mist system.
The Protected Data Centers: 
  • Al-Zafarana Telecom - Alexandria, Egypt 
  • Abu Talat Telecom Egypt - Alexandria, Egypt 
  • Assiut West Data Center - Assiut, Egypt
  • Assiut East Data Center - Assiut, Egypt
  • West Qena Data Center - Qena, Egypt
  • Sohag East Data Center - Sohag, Egypt
  • October1 Data Center - October 6, Egypt
  • October2 Data Center - October 6, Egypt


  • Location: Egypt
  • Solution(s): HI-FOG®
  • Service Scope: Turnkey
  • Date: 2011