Deutschland Technology Holding Deutschland Technology is one of the top experienced multinational companies in the Middle Eastern and North African region. Deutschland Technology is the sole distributor of Marioff Oy, Securiton AG, EmiControls and several other international manufacturers. With more than 20 years of experience in the electromechanical field, Deutschland Technology has designed and executed more than 650 mega projects all over the region. Headquartered in Cairo, Deutschland Technology has more than 15 offices all over the region with almost 870 experts.

Our Mission: Protecting people, productivity and property by providing our customers with the most efficient solutions through our wide range of technological products and our professional services.

Our Vision: Leading electromechanical construction industry in best engineering solutions and practices.

Our Values: Promoting a seamless and positive experience with keeping the value of: TIPIQ

(Teamwork, Innovation, Performance, Integrity, Quality).